This is my second year serving as an adjunct lecturer at University of Arizona, teaching the course SIE 458/558 Model Based Systems Engineering.  This, combined with my experience teaching at WPI, UC San Diego, as well as assisting with SysML short courses from Georgia Tech Professional Education, have given me some insight on teaching MBSE that I would like to share.  The attached presentation is in response to an invitation from the MBSE Community Forum at US Army DEVCOM AVMC S3I.  This will form the basis for a shorter presentation at Integrate23 in July.  Many, many thanks to my co-authors Joe Gregory and Mitchell Kirshner for their insights and contributions to this presentation!


UPDATE: the presentation at Zuken/Vitech Integrate23 on 8 June was well received. The final charts are available below.

Teaching MBSE Integrate23.FINAL

I did an update to the “Four Pillars of SysML” charts.  Here are the basics of SysML in 30 minutes:

This video presentation covers the basic concepts and notations of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) in under an hour.  I developed the original 4 pillars charts around 2006… since then they have been incorporated into a surprising variety of presentations, white papers, and textbooks.  I recently decided to update the graphics and provide my own commentary in a more accessible format.