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I have spent over 30 years as a systems engineer and systems architect, primarily focusing on making the practice of systems engineering better and more efficient.  I have been a practitioner and proponent of model based systems engineering, and a contributor to the SysML specification. This is my first ”professional” blogging experience. I have a lot to say about distributed collaboration, virtual teams, model-driven system development, formal systems engineering methods and languages, cooperation and modifying your personal value stream to include other people. As steeped as I am in technology, I’ve recently come to value relationships more than accomplishments, and am attempting to exhibit this priority in my professional life. It is partially because of this emphasis that I am stepping out of my comfort zone and devoting some time to social collaboration (like blogging!).  I justify this by telling myself it is really just a modern, more accessible means of professional journaling, which is something I have done my entire career. My challenge here is to get comfortable & organized enough to use this vehicle instead of resorting to pen & ink entries in bound lab notebooks, and to have the discernment to recognize exactly how much of my professional journal I should share. Oh, and I am also an avid amateur astronomer.  I find  that looking at the night sky helps me keep life’s problems in perspective.

Rick Steiner interview at OMG Tech Meeting December 2014

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  1. I am a involved in work at my company in attempting to transist from document based to model based systems engineering. Sharing experince and learning from more experienced mbse practitioner is invaluable.

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