I did an update to the “Four Pillars of SysML” charts.  Here are the basics of SysML in 30 minutes:

This video presentation covers the basic concepts and notations of the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) in under an hour.  I developed the original 4 pillars charts around 2006… since then they have been incorporated into a surprising variety of presentations, white papers, and textbooks.  I recently decided to update the graphics and provide my own commentary in a more accessible format.


  1. Thank you for the great presentation and simple explanation!

  2. Rafael J. Lugo

    Great Presentation Rick.
    Indeed the way you presented the approach a while back has made an impact in the way we perform MBSE currently. It is an unfinished task however, since lots of practitioners are still confused as to how to interrelate all MBSE activities and more importantly how to apply them to practical cases. I am still struggling some times to make it practical and understandable enough so that members of a project get the value from this approach. I have to say that some still perceive it as too complicated but I believe it is on all of us to make it simple and friendly to illustrate the value of MBSE. Regards

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